Westinghouse 7876400 Ceiling Fan

If you’re decorating a house or condominium and need to put in some ceiling fans, consider how much you are spending. Most people when choosing their lighting fixtures for indoors and outdoors end up spending too much money unnecessarily. If the mission is cost saving, then this article is for you.

There is no reason to spend more than 100 dollars on a ceiling fan unless you are extremely concerned with the aesthetics of the fan. That means don’t buy a fan for over 100 dollars unless it’s a piece of art.

Westinghouse Lighting Canada 7876400 Ceiling Fan In A Room

What you need at minimum is a fan that has three speeds, a fan with reversible capability, and a fan with some power. After that, it is nice to have a quiet fan, as well as one with a good highlight.

A remote isn’t necessary, but some remotes can work with most fans if you need one. Instead, consider the power and reliability of the motor.

The Product

The Westinghouse Fan comes in two different styles. Gunmetal, which extends throughout the fan, except for the opal light bowl. The second is brushed nickel. The metal base is a metallic nickel color, and the blades are a light wooden brown.

The 7876400 comes with three fan blades that are 42 inches each. The light bowl can fit two lights inside of it.

It is a smaller room, making it ideal for rooms that are about 144 square feet. Since it is a smaller fan, Westinghouse includes a two fan package, where you can buy two of the fans in one package.

The steel motor comes with a dual capacitor. It has three speeds (low/medium/high) and has an option to reverse the motor. This allows you to create an updraft or downdraft for either summer or winter times.

The gunmetal finish is very stylish. It is simplistic and certainly gets the job done. The opal light bowl provides ample light, which means this fan checks all the boxes. The fan is a more modern style, which is better for more contemporary styled rooms. The blades are reversible, and you can find them being black or granite.

It is a small fan, from top to bottom it is right under a foot tall.

What Others Say

With over 400 reviews, the 7876400 Alloy ceiling fan comes with a 4 star rating on Amazon.

This fan is not perfect. It’s not the best fan you can buy. But, it’s one of the most affordable fans out there. At its low price, you will not find a better or more attractive fan.

For starters, installation was incredibly easy, and it seems the internet agrees with me. Not many people encountered difficulties installing the fan.

One problem that did occur early for some was delayed shipping. The product takes about a month for some people to get there. This wasn’t an issue for me, as it came to my house with Amazon Prime in just two days.

Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan With Lights On

It is attractive and comes with a simple, minimalist style. Ceiling fans are very practical, and when you are trying to design something practical, it makes sense to use a simple style.

If you are looking to buy several fans, this is the right fan for you. Together in a group, you will find that you saved a bunch of money and that these fans look excellent together.

The fan runs quietly. On quiet and medium setting, there is almost no noise at all. Sometimes, on the highest setting, you will hear a slight hum, but you have to search for it. There was no problem with me regarding wobbliness as the fan is very stable and well constructed.

Some reviews complain about the hum of the fan. I have seen that leaving the fan on for 24 hours straight will help fix this problem, so I recommend running the fan for 24 hours straight when you first install it.

Instructions weren’t terrible, but they could have been more clear. If you aren’t terrible at setting things up, you should be able to figure it out.

The air power is impressive coming from a fan with just three blades. Particularly on the high setting, it is robust enough to circulate air through a room even a little larger than recommended. If you get two of these guys, which would still be cheaper than most fans, you will have more than enough power to circulate even your bigger living rooms.

Don’t use a dimmer switch with this fan. The light circuit seems to not respond well to the dimmer switch, and it will short circuit your lightbulbs. There’s even a chance they might shoot some sparks. I wouldn’t even recommend wiring the light to a separate switch than the fan.

Instead, it is much safer with this fan to wire them to the same switch and instead rely on the metal chains to toggle light and fan settings.

Buying Advice

Most fans of this quality will run you double the price in most stores. In fact, you will probably find this fan at a minimum for 100 dollars in stores.

On Amazon, you can get this fan for under one hundred dollars max. This is a highly low price. Also, you can knock off about an additional 10 dollars if you buy a used version.

Shipping is free with this fan as well, and Amazon Prime will get it to your house in just two days.

If you simply cannot manage to install the fan, you can opt for expert installation for an extra hundred dollars. I don’t think that’s worth it, as you would be paying more for installation than the fan.

The motor comes with a lifetime warranty, and all other parts come with a two-year warranty. You can extend the warranty to 3 years for around five bucks or to 4 years for almost 10.

There is an option to buy a package of two fans at the same time on Amazon. Although this makes sense, it’s not worth it. Since Amazon prices its products based off of availability, you will find it is cheaper to buy 2 of the fans individually than actually buying the two fan package. In fact, you might just save around 50 dollars doing this.


This is the best fan to buy if you are looking for a cheap yet effective fan to put throughout your house.

Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan On White Surface

This fan checks all the boxes and comes at an unbeatable price.

So what are you waiting for?

Head to Amazon and pick up your new fan today!

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