Minka-Aire F844-DK LightWave Ceiling Fan

So you want a ceiling fan. But maybe you’re tired of all these cookie cutter ceiling fans. For some reason, every fan looks the same.

You’re tired of these same basic styles, and you want something new. The problem is, you also want something with the same functionality as those boring fans you’re tired of seeing.

White Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave

If this describes you right now, then you’ve come to the right place. If you just want a nice ceiling fan, this article may still help you. We will be talking about the Minka-Aire LightWave, which is most certainly a different ceiling fan.

Just know that when you pick a ceiling fan, it ought to fit the style and size of your room. You don’t want a fan to hang so low that it hits the top of your head, and you don’t want an extremely modern looking fan in a room that was built for antiques.

The Minka-Aire is likely a fan that could work with your room.

The Product

For starters, the Minka-Aire comes with only three blades instead of you traditional five blades. The fan comes in a stellar design that seems more like a plane propeller.

The Minka-Aire comes in 4 different styles. The first is a mahogany brown. The next is a distressed koa, which looks fantastic, and if your room will allow it, it is a must buy. The last two are silver and white, which are better for rooms that need a more neutral fan.

The entirety of the fan is the same color, except for the light fixture which is a tinted white. The light fixture is dimmable and can provide from 17 to 75 watts.

It includes a control that can fully control the three-speed setting as well as full range light dimming. The remote cannot reverse the fan, but there is a manual reverse switch on the motor.

The fan can typically be mounted, you can use the additional 4.5″ and 6″ down rods, or you can angle the fan up to 21 degrees.

What Others Say

With over 300 reviews, the Minka-Aire comes with a 4.3-star rating. Honestly, this surprised me, as it is one of the few fans I would give five stars.

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave Middle Part

Let’s start with the one great concern that many people may have had with this fan.

When you first turn it on, there’s a chance you might find a very annoying hum. When I heard this, I instantly consulted the manual. There was a line that says to run the fan for 24 hours straight to get rid of the hum. This worked like a charm for me. Also, anyone who noted this problem but also said they tried to run the fan for 24 hours claimed that this also fixed their fans.

Only the people who complained about the fan’s noise and didn’t run it for 24 hours straight are the ones who complained.

The construction is impressive. It runs silent and is very sturdy. Even on the highest setting it does not wobble or make a sound. The fan isn’t made of wood, which is ideal for the sake of humidity. It does look just like KOA wood, though, and there’s no way someone could tell the difference unless they carefully examined the fan.

The fan is small, so if you have a giant room, you may not want this model. It does do a fantastic job of circulating air. It is a very powerful fan, and even the lowest setting makes an impact.

The best part of this fan is the aesthetic. It looks so great. If you are in a room that has an outdoor style, with wood and maybe some bamboo, this fan will fit in naturally. It is well-made and very stylish. The blades curve just like a propellor which gives this fan more intrinsic style value than most traditional fans.

The light isn’t super high and isn’t enough to light up room on its own, but that is expected with ceiling fans nowadays. The light is also slightly yellow.

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave

You can purchase multiple of the Minka-Aire and keep them on the same circuit. This means you can pair two of the fans next to each other and have them both controlled with the same remote. This takes care of the low light factor and adds style by having two of them next to each other.

Buying Advice

The fan will retail for between 300 to 400 dollars in most stores. On Amazon, you will find the fan for the best price. It’s not much of a discount, but with free shipping, you may as well save yourself a few extra bucks.

If you can’t handle the installation, you can pay an extra hundred dollars to include expert installation.

There are two additional warranty plans available. You can purchase the three-year plan for around 25 dollars, or you can upgrade to the four-year protection plan for almost 40 dollars.

Customer service seems to be amicable. They take care of any and all concerns. If there is a manufacturing defect, they will even replace your fan free of charge.

All four different versions come it at the same price as well. While this is a little more expensive than your regular cheap ceiling fans, it is a great value for one of these higher designer fans. A fan like this will usually put you back about 500 dollars.


This fan looks awesome. The koa look gives you the feeling that this fan comes from Hawaii. If you are going for the natural or even tropical look, this fan is a must have for you.

If you just want a stylish fan that works well, this fan could still be for you. The power of the fan is appropriate even for larger living rooms. The small look to the fan is deceiving, as it packs more of a punch than you would think.

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave In A Room

The fan is great. So what are you waiting for?

Head to Amazon and pick up you Minka-Aire today!

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