The Best Inexpensive (And Reliable!) Ceiling Fans

You may be wondering who makes the best ceiling fans, but the question isn’t who, but what. What makes for the best ceiling fan, and what should you look for when buying a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans have been around for generations, so it’s only natural that there are now hundreds of different companies that make ceiling fans. Focusing on just some of the top companies like Hunter or Minka-Aire isn’t a terrible place to start, but to get the most bang for your buck, you will need to be willing to consider a much wider breadth.

Ceiling Fan Must Haves

A fan doesn’t need fancy trinkets or a flashy brand name. There are a few things it needs to have to be worthy. Consider the following:

  • Air Power – First and foremost, if your fan does not create enough circulation in your room, you may as well put a pinwheel on your ceiling. Check the reviews and size of the blades as well as the power of the engine to ensure your fan has enough power.
  • Reversibility – During summer times you keep your fan on counter-clockwise which helps push cold air down and spread the warm air away. In winter times, you put the fan on clockwise, so the cold air gets drawn up and pushed away. This prevents cold spots and saves you a ton on the electricity bill.
  • Light Fixtures – This isn’t exactly necessary, but since most fans include a removable light fixture, it would be a waste not to include this option. If you can get the same fan with a light option, you may as well.
  • Chain Switches – Sometimes it is hard to wire your light fixture and fan separately. This means a switch will control both the light and the fan. To keep this from becoming a problem, make sure there is a chain switch that can toggle each individually.
  • Speed Options – No one wants a one-speed fan. You need the option for low as well as high. This is essential for using the fan in the winter.
  • Little Noise – To me, this is the most important feature. Don’t buy a fan if people complain about a humming sound.

Our Top Recommendations For A Ceiling Fan

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